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I am Stevie Johnson, I help aspiring athletes to become a better version of themselves on and off the court.

Skills & Drill Academy

Skills & Drills Academy

Academy is designed to take the high level concepts of basketball and break them down in such a way that players can learn and apply them immediately.  At One Thru Five, we believe that understanding how the game is played at a high level is the first step in becoming a better player.

This makes our Academy curriculum not only informational, but transformational.  The drills and strategies that we cover within Academy are the same exact training methods that were used in my own successful basketball career, as well as the careers of the many D1 Athletes that I've helped accomplish their goals.

What sets Academy apart is our enhanced focus on age appropriate strength and conditioning which allows us to not only create better basketball players, but to create better athletes.

Academy has helped B team players become A team stars.  They've helped kids who seldomly got the ball become leading scorers and important components to their team's success and most importantly, they have allowed them to enjoy the game more.

Group Training

Group Training

This session is designed for those who are trying to get a mental or physical edge amongst peers.  Taking general basketball concepts and philosophies and digging deeper we give players a better understanding of the game and how to better apply it to oneself. 

Both my playing and coaching experience has helped me develop a unique coaching approach. A challenging but fun and competitive environment with a focus of getting athletes better on and off the court. Following a curriculum that has worked for countless athletes over the years has been my go to as well as staying current with the latest trends. 

Leadership, coach ability, being responsible are some of characteristics needed to be successful on and off the court. At One Thru Five we seek out this environment where players can grow and hone in on these skills.

Many athletes have taken what was learned in these sessions and applied them to the court and in real life.

Small Group Training

I am committed to Colorado
I have been training with Stevie since 7th grade. He helped my ball handling , shooting and touch. Also helped me use my athleticism in different ways.

Accolades- All state sophomore, junior . All League first team - Junior and Senior , 1,200 points

Courtney Anderson Jr 

Noteable Athletes

Timmy Falls - UCSB (Dublin HS)

Madison Craig- Cal State East bay ( Foothill HS All Time points leader in school history)

Bryce  Knox  - Dickinson State ( Pro Overseas)

Niveen Rasheed- Princeton  2 X Ivy League Player of the year (Monte Vista)

Jojo Mcglaston - Bradely University  (Dublin HS)

Jamir Andrews- Northeastrern State University( Dublin HS)

Ricki Radanovich - Samta Clara University (Carondelet HS)

Portia Velasco- St John Fischer College ( Carondelet HS)

Chris O'neil -Montana Tech ( Foothill HS)

Tyler Isaak - CBU ( San Ramon Valley HS County Player of the Year)

Robby Beasley- UC Davis  (Dougherty Valley HS  EBAL MVP  2018, Norcal Player of the year,3x  All league)

Donovan Sevilla- WPI ( Dougherty Valley HS 2nd Team ALL League )

Aiden Sevilla - Regis University ( Dougherty Valley HS)

Connor Sevilla - (Dougherty Valley HS EBAL player of year)

Donovan Cooks- San Francisco    State  University ( Dublin HS 2nd Team ALL League)

Ryan Beasley - University of San Francisco   (Dougherty Valley HS EBAL player of the year , 2x Norcal player of the yaer, Bay Araea  Player of the yaer )

Courtney Anderson - University Of Colorado  ( Dublin HS ALL League  1ST Team 2X ALL STATE)

Kellen Torrey - California HS

Luke Isaak - Sam Ramon Valley HS

Sierra Chambers - San Ramon Valley HS

Landon Edmonds- UC Merced ( Dougherty Valley HS)

Joran Guy- Real Salt Lake Academy

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