Stevie is a great trainer and motivator. He demands maximum effort and attention to detail but does so with kind love and a great sense of humor. I've noticed a big improvement in my daughter's basketball game since she started training with Stevie. I highly recommend him.

Jason K

My son has been training with Stevie for the last 2 years. Its amazing how much his skill level and confidence has improved durning that time. The old saying that you get what you pay for couldn't be more true! The mentoring and physical therapy advice that Stevie provides the players are priceless!

Demidric C

Stevie's expertly choreographed training continues to elevate our 13-year old daughter's basketball skill from good to great. His training is custom tailored for  each athlete to attack areas of weakness and build on strengths, and he drives his students to perform at their best. Most importantly, Stevie's authentic and hands ons-on coaching style continually inspire our daughter to improve her game. We're incredibly grateful for his expertise positive leadership, and support

Jeff C